One of the biggest challenges food production companies have to tackle is efficiently packing items as they are moved through production and ready for consumer use. While packing items by hand is one way, it is time consuming and extremely expensive. Luckily, a Tubular Drag Conveyor can make moving items and packing them into consumer ready portions simple. There is a cost associated with the initial instillation, but most companies find they save a great deal of money when compared to packing items by hand. Below is a rundown of how a tubular conveyor works, and how it can help save time and money.

Corkscrew Motion

Most tubular conveyors use an auger to move items. This makes it quick and easy, and the corkscrew motion reduces the chances of products being damaged during transit. Machines can also be programmed to perfectly portion the amount of product between the augers, which can help reduce excess waste. Make production and packaging easy by making the switch to a quality Tubular Drag Conveyor.

Clean and Dust Free Environment

One of the most important things to consider is whether a conveyor system can be sanitary and keep a product free from contamination. Food and drug production companies rely on tubular conveyors to help keep items safe for consumption after production. Because the tubes are sealed, there is no concern over dust and other contaminates mixing with the product. Increase quality and production capacity with an auger based conveyor system.

Easy to Clean

Most companies produce a variety of items. An auger system can be cleaned with water or with dry cleaning methods easily. This makes it simple to reduce the likelihood of cross contamination, and ensure that there is not crossing of flavors as well. Most production facility managers find they can adequately clean a tubular system in half the amount of time of other conveyor systems.

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